Your preferred Refrigeration Distribution Partner.

Your preferred Refrigeration Distribution Partner.

With our fleet of refrigerated vehicles, ranging from 8 tonners to 24 tonners, Baleka Freight provides South Africa with innovative, flexible and convenient refrigerated transport services. Refrigerated transport has become a highly regulated industry due to the increasingly stringent quality requirement. At Baleka Freight, we understand these regulations and take them seriously and ensure we strive to avoid missed deliveries, loss of product and disruptions to distribution.

For agile, streamlined solutions that adapt to your changing needs, Baleka Freight offers ad hoc local transport and part loads to contract distribution. Increasing efficiency and reducing waste in the supply chain, we use innovative technology that ensures the fastest deliveries at the most cost-effective rates available for all our clients.

Looking for additional resources due to peak season or maintenance issues?

Designed to give you accessibility and flexibility, our ad hoc service is what you need to avoid disruptions and keep things moving on time. Baleka Freight also offers assistance for those that don’t own their own fleet. For seasonal and occasional use as or when the need for transport should arise, our ad-hoc local transport service maintains an all-inclusive daily rate that accounts for driver, fuel, insurance and management costs, making it the most convenient, easy-to-use service that’s always available, every time you need it.

Another transport service is our cost-effective part loads solution which allows clients to deliver smaller volumes to remote areas without the high costs of conventional transport. Using advanced planning, routing and logistics software to increase efficiency and reduce costs, our load-sharing service provides you with a range of volume options and delivery schedules to choose from. Employ our part load service at anytime and get your product where it needs to go while you save on delivery costs and time spent coordinating. Simply call or click, tell us what you need, and we’ll handle the rest.

For a dedicated on-site core fleet, crew and management team, we offer our specialised contract distribution service that caters to all your distribution needs. Featuring reliable vehicles, experienced drivers, advanced Transport Management Systems and an expert management team, you can keep your distribution running like a well-oiled machine. Focus on what really matters, growing your business, we’ll handle the distribution.

With our expert working knowledge of all facets of refrigerated transport regulations for the retail, hospitality and pharmaceutical industries, we have years of experience ensuring product is transported safely in its ideal environment. At Baleka Freight,  we account for every contingency, ensure on-time and in-full delivery of your product, every time. Contact us today to discuss your logistics needs and we will help you find the best solution for your business.



We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey as we unveil our NEW branding! Since 2007 Baleka Freight has continued to provide