About Us

Since 2007

Our Story

In 2007 Pieter Brand, founder of Baleka Distributors, was informed by a friend that a client in Durbanville needed a 4-ton transporter to carry poultry directly to retailers.

With a single truck, a hobby that earned some extra income quickly grew into a profitable business. Pieter identified other customers with on-demand distribution needs and soon turned the single truck operation into a successful small business.

Pieter met Sakkie Liebenberg, founder of LiebenGroup, in 2013. Pieter approached Sakkie for advice and mentorship. Although only a small business in its infancy, the growth potential was visible. Pieter applied the advice on how to restructure and become more sustainable and this contributed to the further success of Baleka. 

Baleka Distributors was acquired by LiebenGroup on 1 September 2018 and became a part of the Lieben family as Baleka Freight (Pty) Ltd.

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Our Approach

Innovative, Flexible & Convenient

At Baleka, we strive to provide South Africa with innovative, flexible and convenient refrigerated transport services they need to stay ahead of the competition.

From ad hoc local transport and part loads to contract distribution, Baleka Freight offers agile, streamlined solutions that adapt to your changing needs. With innovative technology that increases efficiency and reduces waste in the supply chain, we ensure all our clients the fastest deliveries at the most cost-effective rates available.
Increasingly stringent quality requirements have made refrigerated transport a highly specialized industry. Having a carrier that understands these requirements and takes them seriously is the best way to avoid missed deliveries, loss of product and disruptions to distribution.
Baleka Freight has an expert working knowledge of all facets of refrigerated transport requirements for the retail, hospitality and pharmaceutical industries, and we have years of experience ensuring the product is transported safely in its ideal environment.
We pride ourselves on accounting for every contingency, ensuring on-time and in-full delivery of your product, every time.

Our Solutions

Convenient Refrigerated Transport Services

With many years of experience in the logistics industry, we specialize in the following services:

Contract Distribution

Ad-Hoc Transport

Ad-Hoc Local transport

Baleka Freight Part Loads

Part Loads