Contract distribution – your end-to-end transport solution

Contract distribution – your end-to-end transport solution

Having the delivery side of your business run like clockwork keeps your customers smiling, increases sales, keeps expenses down and sets you up for effectively expanding your operation.

With Baleka Freight’s contract distribution service, companies can leave this entire aspect safely in the hands of an experienced team using highly efficient systems and technology. With the delivery process taken care of, you can focus your attention on production, product development and sales.

What does Contract Distribution entail?

Baleka Freight’s contract distribution service is a great end-to-end solution for companies wishing to outsource their product deliveries. Your stock will be transported to the retailer on time and as efficiently as possible using the latest technologies. The service includes:

  • A core fleet of trucks
  • An on-site management team
  • Administration of various steps in the delivery chain
  • Management of equipment
  • Reporting and feedback
  • A highly efficient TMS

What is TMS (Transport Management System)?

A Transportation Management System is software designed specifically for managing the delivery of goods. Users can book a shipment and track its movement to the point of delivery. The objective is to improve distribution efficiency, reduce costs and provide visibility for the customer.

How does it work?

  • Information on a shipment’s location is constantly updated.
  • The system connects to stock levels, warehouse systems and load booking systems to have access to correct data at all times.
  • Everything from pre-visit preparation to the delivery drop off stage is coordinated.
  • The system chooses the quickest, most cost-effective route for your delivery.
  • Information on a shipment’s location is continuously updated.
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) allows for client signatures as the product is delivered.
  • Every detail of the delivery is recorded, and the driver can even submit photos, should there be a problem with the stock upon arrival, for example.
  • There are detailed reports each time the driver interacts, and the information is shared instantaneously.

Benefits of TMS

  • Saving expenses: The system optimises and streamlines the transport process so that the most cost-effective method and route for distribution are used.
  • Tracking deliveries: Staff at the warehouse and at delivery destinations will be able to track where the products are in real-time every step of the way.
  • Improved customer service: Customers will have peace of mind knowing they can get information about their order at any time.
  • Higher warehouse productivity: The system improves the process of keeping inventory and managing the flow of stock.
  • Increasing supply chain efficiency: In the end, a distribution system that runs smoothly will leave room for sales to expand and offer the potential for growth.

Baleka’s contract distribution option is a comprehensive transport service, which covers all aspects of distributions and delivery. Using an advanced TMS with real-time technology means customers will have a world of information at their fingertips, regarding every step of the shipment process.

If this is the kind of service excellence you’re looking for in a distribution partner, do not hesitate to contact Baleka Freight.



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