Pringle Fruit Farms and Baleka Freight – A flourishing partnership

Pringle Fruit Farms and Baleka Freight – A flourishing partnership

Baleka Freight is always eager to help clients ​overcome transport and logistical challenges and to meet their varied needs successfully.

With a special focus on ​refrigerated and dry transport​, Baleka offers a range of services which include ad hoc local transport, part loads and contract distribution. Always open to exploring new and innovative solutions they ensure they provide the best quality service to their customers. This allows clients to focus on growing their business, while Baleka takes care of streamlining the transport side of operations.

Pringle Fruit Farms​, a blueberry producer in the ​Elgin/ Grabouw area​, is a long-standing client of Baleka Freight. Blueberries do exceptionally well in this area, which is at quite a high altitude with warm days and cold nights and this ensures large and flavourful berries are produced. The blueberries are grown mainly for export to the ​UK​, ​EU​, the ​Middle East​ and A​sia​. The farm grows its fruit for the ​Haygrove group​ who take care of marketing and provide technical expertise and support.

Pringle Fruit Farm has doubled its volume of berries over the last few seasons and is hoping to continue this growth. They focus on employing unskilled labourers to upskill the women in the district and provide employment in the area.

Pringle Fruit Farm needs to overcome one major challenge concerning their blueberry transport:

  • The blueberries from Pringle Fruit Farm are very delicate fruits and ​sensitive to temperature​. Once the berries are harvested, they need to be kept cool until they get to the end-user. The cold chain should be uninterrupted so that quality is not compromised. Baleka Freight offers ​refrigerated transport​ to ensure that the blueberries arrive in perfect condition. They maintain the ​highest cold chain standards​ from the farm all the way to the retailer’s shelf.

Plans for Growth

Baleka Freight is proud to be associated with this flourishing agricultural business and to offer support for the next step in their journey. Due to the recent boom in the blueberry market in South Africa, Pringle Fruit Farms has decided to ​invest more in harvesting and transporting berries​ both ​locally and internationally​. This has resulted in Pringle Fruit Farms and Baleka Freight, creating an effective partnership to ensure the quality of their berries are not comprised. Baleka’s advanced ​transport management system ​maintains distribution under strict quality control regulations to ensure there is no disruption of the cold chain. Baleka Freight has an excellent track record of maintaining the highest quality standards and removing logistical obstacles​ efficiently. They are committed to ​streamlining transportation options​ for clients and offering an ​outstanding, reliable and cost-effective service​.

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