Part-loads: A cost-effective and convenient distribution option

Part-loads: A cost-effective and convenient distribution option

The challenge of dealing with smaller but urgent loads

As a supplier, finding effective transport solutions to get your products to the market on time can be challenging and time-consuming. However, getting your goods distributed shouldn’t be so expensive or complicated that a load becomes unviable.

Often companies need to transport a smaller consignment to a particular location. If the load doesn’t fill a whole truck, this usually ends up in one of two scenarios. Either under-utilising the space of a truck and eventually over-paying for the transport, decreasing profitability. Or not sending the consignment at all, losing sales and also decreasing profitability still means paying for a full load. Or perhaps only paying for the space used, but having to wait until other cargo has filled the truck, thus causing delays.

With Baleka Freight’s efficient load-sharing service, all of these potential problems are resolved to provide the customer with a cost-effective and convenient solution.

Why do clients use part-loads?

Part-loads come in handy when clients need to transport smaller shipments and are not able to fill a full truckload but still want the benefits of making the sales and delivering their product on time and in full. The main reasons for customers making use of this option are:

  • To avoid additional cost of under-utilisation
  • To ensure a constant flow and supply of their products to the market
  • To only pay for space used

This service is especially useful for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods and the retail industry, as well as for other perishable products requiring refrigerated transport for smaller consignments.

How does it work?

  • Baleka provides a weekly fixed schedule to major city centres as well as regional/remote areas.
  • Clients notify Baleka Freight when they have a load to be transported, and collection is arranged.
  • Different clients’ loads are combined, making it viable for clients with small loads.
  • Clients are charged per pallet.
  • Goods are delivered to reach the retailers, as per schedule.

The benefits in a nutshell

For your goods to reach the market and consumers in optimal condition, take advantage of Baleka Freight’s load-sharing service. This service allows clients to choose from a range of load volumes, delivery times and locations ensuring:

  • The convenience of accessing remote areas
  • Cost-effective for smaller loads
  • Temperature management/ refrigerated transport even for smaller loads
  • Benefit from their Transport Management System
  • Cargo is delivered on time according to a fixed schedule

Booking a load is simple and can be done online. Baleka’s part-loads solution is all about efficiency, reducing unnecessary expenses for their clients and taking the stress out of the distribution process.



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